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What are Beebies?

There are thousands of Beebies in the world and they all look a bit different as they are living with different animals. They live under animal fur. 
They help to translate the human language to animals’ languages, they teach the pets how to conquer the human world ( or at least their bed ). If your pets know some tricks, thanks to Bebby and Beebies. They are mysterious and very tiny that we can’t find them easily.
We are here to help, it’s the only way for you to get into their world. :)

Use our B-Pokers to play games with Bebby.

The prizes will always be interesting and worthful.


Available @

螢幕截圖 2021-09-29 上午9.44.59 拷貝.png

Coming Soon

0,1 eth each; 54 Cards only

All B-Pokers are priced at a flat rate (0.1 Ξ)

Once you purchased, we will give you a blind drop of the frontside.

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